On the 29th of September 1910 the sisters Godeleva, Amelberga and Eugenia arrived in Horn. They were Blue Sisters, the Missionary Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit. Although the monastery was not ready, the opened the doors of the building and the patronage anyway in October 1910; which started as a kindergarten.

The construction of the monastery began in 1911, construction costs were 10.000 guilders. In 1917 the Mary School was built next to the monastery.

The sisters also took over the care of the sick and the Green Cross was established. The flu epidemic in 1918 during the First World War claimed many victims. Sister Bertha, the sister of the sick, made herself very meritorious an as a thanks for her great help the village gave a statue, the Sacred Heart, which was placed in a niche at the school. In 1942 the Green Cross had to be avacuated due to "civil disobedience". In the last days of the war, the monastery was badly damaged.

After the Second World Ware care was set up for women, elderly and disabled. Due to the renovation in 1966 the sisters who studied or worked near Horn had a home. 
Also homeless, children of working parents and womand and girls with marital problems or stress at home were collected here. Because there were gradually less sisters available, the monastery was taken out of commission. In 1985 a suitable buyer came forth and in November of that year, the sisters left de monastery for the last time.

The monastery was converted into a hotel, named the Hotel Abelene. In 1996, new owners renovated the hotel and the name was changed to the current Hotel de Abdij. They have expanded the abbey in 2001 with a restaurant garden, terrace and cellar. In May 2011, the hotel was taken over by the fam. Kuijpers and the kept the same name: Hotel-Restaurant de Abdij. In 2012 it became a municipal monument.

Every week people visit here who spend their primary school years spent in the monastery and share their stories about the siters, and their lessons learned. Most of them have nice memories of the place where many youth love has blossomed. 


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